Will you be my bridesmaid?

The wedding planning process has started! Eugene & I have already picked our wedding date and are so excited about the next steps of the planning process. One of those steps includes choosing the ladies that will be by my side when we say ‘I do’. After some deep reflection, I chose 7 of my close girlfriends. I wanted them to know how near and dear they are to my heart, so I created ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ boxes for each of them.


What these boxes included:

  • Small Gift Box
  • Confetti
  • Small Nail Polish
  • A shot of Fireball
  • A Ring Pop
  • Picture of me and my bridesmaid
  • Handwritten Note

Some of my bridesmaids stay out of town and couldn’t meet up with me so I mailed them their boxes. When I saw my sister at homecoming, I gave her the biggest box of all asking her to be my Matron of Honor. For my girlfriends that stay in the area, I asked them to come to brunch with me last Friday and once the conversation, food, and drinks started flowing I popped the big question lol. Everyone was so excited and honored that I asked them to be apart of our big day! It was fun putting the boxes together, I actually felt a little creative and crafty which is DEFINITELY not my strong suit … we all know Charla is the creative one LOL. But who knows? Maybe this wedding will bring that side out of me! And now on to the next task …. finding this wedding dress! Let’s see how this goes!


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