Two Faced Natural Eye Palette

I’ve always been a fan of ‘Two Faced’, I own several of their eye shadow palettes. Last weekend in Ulta, I made an impulse decision and purchased the Natural Eye palette for $36.

I am so happy with my decision to purchase this because it is by far my favorite! I love it so much that I got up early every day last week just to experiment with the colors, which is a big deal because I do not typically wear eye shadow to work lol.

The palette has 9 beautiful shades, you can mix and match these colors but my favorite combination is the Nude Beach (it has glitter in it), Honey Pot, & Cocoa Puff, which are all colors used to achieve the ‘Fashion’ look. The palette comes with 3 easy to follow cards with instructions on how to achieve a look by blending the colors.

The “Fashion” look had the following step by step instructions:
Sweep Nude Beach from crease to brow
Press Honey Pot onto the inner lid and around tear duct
Blend Cocoa Puff into the outer lid, crease, upper & lower lashes


This palette is perfect because you can wear these subtle soft colors to church or work, but you can also jazz it up and create a slightly sexy look that makes your eyes pop for a night out on the town! It’s also a practical purchase because I will use it frequently, if not daily. Check out how I rocked the Nude Beach look below.
What do you think about the Natural Eye palette?

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