Thrift Store Trip!

So I am a thrifter and have been for some years now! I love to find items that look great for a good deal! Recently while I was home for the weekend I had to visit one of my favorite thrift stores Value Village. I got a total of three items (pictured below). These items included two blazers and a dress! I spent a grand total of….

9.00! I was ubberly excited! One blazer was all red with gold accent buttons. The other blazer was red with a black and yellow striped pattern, that blazer also had black buttons with gold trim. My last item was a fitted animal print dress that falls right above the knee! Now I know everyone may not be a fan of thrifting but I have found it to be something that works for me personally and something that I enjoy doing!

Are you a thrifter? If so, what is the best item you’ve purchased?

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