The Switch Up …. Getting over the Blonde Blues

I had the hair blues last week. I was completely over my blonde hair. But the last few times I’ve had my hair colored it cost me a pretty penny and I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for another color job.

Insert here {->semi permanent color<-} otherwise known as a rinse. This deposits color into your hair that somewhat rinses out in 4-12 shampoos. Now because my hair is already lifted I knew any darker color would take well to my ends. I’ve always thought of red as an autumn color and knew this was the perfect time to make it happen.


I got Adore’s Raging Red, based my edges with Vaseline, put on some rubber gloves and went to work on the already colored part of my hair. I allowed the color to sit on my hair for about 30 minutes before washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner. And WHAT A RED YUCKY MESS in the shower plus I completely stained my towels lol. Let me tell ya’ll, the color was exactly as the label suggested Raging RED. Last weekend, I went to Phoenix for an all girls trip and met up with my girl AskPRoy. She gave me some pointers on how to reduce on the messiness of a rinse.


Tip #1 Rinse your hair in the kitchen sink, because it’s metal it won’t stain the sink.

Tip #2 Use dark towels so you won’t ruin your towels.


Now, although I received alot of compliments on my hair, Raging Red was just too Red for me and gave me a washed out look in my opinion especially since winter is coming and I ain’t havin it lol. So I read up on it and decided to rinse it again on Monday. This time I used Adore’s Copper Brown to tone it down some and used P Roy’s tips to avoid the mess I made the week before.
To be honest nobody notices the difference BUT I like it better and that’s what counts. Now, I’m completely satisfied and all ready for the Love the Hair You Wear hoodie photoshoot this upcoming Saturday! Stay Tuned!
Have you ever tried semi permanent color? What were your thoughts? Any tips or suggestions on how to avoid a messy bathroom? Please do share below.

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