The National Siblings Day Collage!!

Do you know what today is ….. it’s NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY! In honor of this spectacular day we took some of our favorite pictures that you sent us and made a National Siblings Day collage!

Being blessed with a sibling means having someone to love, cherish, and grow with while simultaneously beating them up and playing mean tricks on them LOL. In a lot of cases your sibling serves as a foundation for how you establish and foster your relationships in life. Our relationship was our first example of friendship!

These pictures represent the dynamic of the relationships that exist amongst siblings …. and boyyyy were you guys cute LOL 😉

A special thank you to everyone who sent in pictures and participated!

Cheers to Siblings Everywhere! Let’s  take this special day to enjoy the bonds that you share with your loved ones 😉

photo 1

photo-1photo 3photo 4photo 1photo 21photo 3photo 4photo 1photo 2

 (Yes, this last pic is of us LOL my my my how the tables turn …VeCoya is now the shortest LOL) Happy National Siblings Day!

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