The Heat Free Hair Blog Movement

I had the pleasure of playing model for Heat Free Hair in March. If you aren’t familiar with Heat Free Hair, you’re truly missing out. It’s a movement! Heat Free Hair offers the opportunity to protect one’s tresses with weaves and extensions while rocking beautiful curls as well. Many young ladies in the natural hair community are Heat Free Hair’s biggest fans.

I was thoroughly impressed at how EASY it is to install Heat Free Hair’s extensions and wigs. No seriously …. installing the hair took less than 10 minutes. This quality of hair will fix any BLAHHH hair day. I’m a major fan of the shorter wig so you know I’ll be back to get mine.


We’re major fans of the Heat Free Hair Movement over here! Plus yours truly just became a blog contributor for the Heat Free Hair blog.  Check out my latest contributions and be sure to keep up with all the major hair talk on the Heat Free Hair Blog:

Happy Monday!



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