Sweet Air Cosmetics Product Review

We were recently gifted with a few products from the Sweet Air Cosmetics founder Araneetae Guy. Araneetae is a fellow Aggie doing big things in the make up and cosmetics industry. We have a few of her products to review and since that’s what we do best lets jump right into it!

Full size Anneka’s Butter whipped cream (moisture rich body cream for all skin types):

According to the website ‘Anneka’s Butter was formulated to calm the flared & itchy areas irritated by Eczema & various dry skin issues. It’s texture is reminiscent of a balm designed to be rubbed into your skin for protection and to alleviate dry skin issues.’

Anneka’s Body Butter smells amazing! It reminds me of cake icing and I received so many compliments while wearing it throughout the day. More importantly, when I applied it to my skin, it was hydrated for the remainder of that day. Although I do not have Eczema, I have read great reviews from people that do have dryer skin. I plan on adding this product in my daily routine, especially with the dryer fall and winter months approaching us. If you have Eczema, this may be a product that you want to add to your skin care collection.



Lipstick Rich moisture Orange Crush (packed with vanilla & vitamin E):

I not only appreciated this shade of orange (It wasn’t overwhelming like some ‘oranges’ and really complimented my skin tone. I can even see myself sporting this to work functions) but ‘Orange Crush’ also has a smooth application. I could tell that this lipstick was loaded with Vitamin E. It stains the lips and transitions well into the glossy appeal by adding a bit of lip gloss on top.



Regular size Anneka’s Butter Elixir In Lemon Pound Cake (great for light hair oil, cuticle oil, body oil) this light oil absorbs like the body’s natural oils. (Sesame oil, proprietary nut free oil blend).

This oil is just as irresistible as the body whip, it too smells amazing and I appreciated the travel size. I was able to throw it in my travel bag and apply oil to my hair and skin daily with no problems. Believe the hype, its CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE!

Have you tried any Sweet Air products? If so, feel free to drop some of your thoughts below in the comment section.

Interested in trying some of these products? Check out these websites  Sweet Air Cosmetics & Anneka’s Butter!

Thanks Sweet Air Cosmetics!


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