Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Tilghmans

 We’re back with another Sibling Spotlight feature! The bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We absolutely adore this connection! We highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships.

Meet the Tilghmans: Latonya & Angela


Introduce yourselves (Tell us a little bit about yourselves):

Angela: Currently, I am a graduate student working on my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. An Alum of Morgan State University! I love make-up and have been freelancing for a few years. I adore animals and have a 10-year old pomeranian named Rufus. For about 4 years, I have been a pescetarian and I love helping others change their diet.

Latonya: I am a free-spirit and a virgo to the fullest extent.  I enjoy peaceful settings with a nice ambiance.  I spend most of my free time reading, researching and writing.  I love traveling and exploring different regions.  I enjoy nature walks with my pets.


    Describe your relationship with your sister:

Angela: I love my sister, she’s one of my best friends as well. We have our ups and downs but, no one knows her like me and no one knows me like her. <3

Latonya: My sister is like my other half.  We have known each other for 27 years and when she left to go to college the Fall of 2002 it was like the biggest tragedy for our relationship.   It changed me in so many ways to help me identify and know myself on a better range.  She has been a leader for me in so many ways like a life coach.  As we’ve gotten older I can say we have been life coaches for one another.  She has a large background on her academics and I have a large background in the professional world.  We advise each other on things that we both need to make us better.  We share the same interest in terms of being entrepreneurs and investing in ourselves to bring about a better future.

Something that you love about your relationship with your sibling and something that you could work on (Strengths and Weaknesses):

Angela: I love how we can be honest with  each other but we need to work on being respectful to each other. Sometimes, we can say things that hurt each others feelings but at the end of the day its all LOVE.

Latonya: I love how we are always there for one another and how we make sacrifices for each other.  We need to work on not being bias.  (I know how you suppose to support the person side that is right—but in the urban community we all know you must be loyal in terms of supporting your people)  I try to protect and stand for her whether its good or bad but at times I know I am being bias because I love her and she is my sister.  Its like no one can come into between that but wrong is wrong.  We tend to take each other sides a lot in many cases I can be wrong and she would still stand beside me! Gotta love that!

Through the years: (Was there an older/younger sister complex?) (Any funny stories?)

Angela: YES!! lol…too many stories to share, I’ll let LaTonya tell a story.

Latonya: The funniest story ever:  So when I was about 1 ½  years old she was 3 years old whenever we met a new person or engaged in a conversation with ‘grown-ups’ they would always ask what’s your favorite color/– I didn’t know my colors.. I had no idea I would always look confused.  Angela would always say purple.  So as soon as the adult walked away I would ask Angela.. “so what’s my favorite color? what is it, Angela?” she would say its Green.  So Once I found out on my own what green looked like I said.. “No, Angela that’s not my favorite color why you pick the ugly color.. I like Turquoise.”  Angela would always laugh at me and say Green is the color of boo-boo..   So what Angela did as an older sister was motivate me to learn my colors at a young age (and not just primary colors advanced colors.. I studied the Crayola box).  But I went about close to one year telling people my favorite color was green.

    Any advice to other siblings on maintaining a healthy relationship:

Angela: Always be understanding to your siblings no matter what they are going through.

Latonya: Try to avoid being subjective or always trying to find a solution to their problem; sometimes they may need an ear to listen to them not an opinion or advice.

Why is it so important to have a good friendship/relationship with your sisters?

Angela: At the end of the day, you always have your sisters, brothers, and FAMILY!

Latonya: They are a gift from God.  You must be able to treat them accordingly or else you will not be good a maintaining a genuine friendship with your peers or a healthy romantic relationship.


You ladies are beautiful! LOL at the color story! Green is our fav color though for obvious reasons LOL! Thank you so much for sharing with us!! If you would like to share your Sibling Spotlight with us, please contact us at

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