Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Hoskins

 We’re back with another Sibling Spotlight feature. You guys know by now how much we LOVE the bond shared between siblings. We absolutely adore this connection.

Next up meet the Hoskins: Ashley & Valerie

Introduce yourselves (Tell us a little bit about yourselves): 

Valerie: My name is Valerie Hoskins. I am a management consulting professional residing in Houston TX. Most people would describe me as opinionated, bougie and funny. I have a degree in Industrial and Systems engineering and love to cook and travel in my free time. Recently I have moved into a new home and enjoy spending countless hours searching for furnishings and decor for my new abode.

Ashley: Greetings! My name is Ashley Hoskins and I am a current corporate IT Project Manager residing in Dallas, Texas.  Originally from Greensboro, NC I am a Tarheel at heart.   I recently graduated  from the illustrious Howard University  last May with a BBA in International Business with a Finance concentration.

Meet the Hoskins2

Describe your relationship with your sister:

Valerie: My sister Ashley is four years younger than I. When we were young this seemed like quite the age gap. However, as we’ve gotten older she has become one of my best friends. I talk to my sister often, if you ask her I’m sure she will say it’s too often. It’s wonderful to have someone who can relate so fully to who you are and what you’ve been through.

Ashley: My relationship with my sister is extremely close.  We speak almost every day, if not every day, and run the gambit on all things in both personal and professional lives.

Meet the Hoskins3

Something that you love about your relationship with your sibling and something that you could work on (Strengths and Weaknesses): 

Valerie: My sister is a very resourceful and strong person, which I admire greatly about her. I can always count on her to tell me the truth, often times she is too honest. An area that we can work on is learning to trust and respect each others decisions when they don’t align with our own. Despite us both being adults, we still get into petty sibling disagreements every now and then. I often feel like I’m the older sister ad tend to know better.

Ashley: What I love about our relationship is that we are more so best friends, but having grown up together being sisters, still have a level of understanding of one another that we can read each other easily and have inside jokes effortlessly.  An area that I believe we could work on is our openness when it comes to our personal relationships that we have, and discussing our dating lives more openly.

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Through the years: (Was there an older/younger sister complex?) (Any funny stories?) 

Valerie: I actually never wanted a sibling. I was very resistant to the idea and may have spent some of my earlier yrs. terrorizing my sister for entertainment. My favorite annoying activity was to create unwanted nicknames for her. I would call her by these nicknames so frequently that eventually the entire family would join in.

Ashley: Through the years there has definitely been an older sister complex on my sisters end.  Being the youngest my sister has always had an “I know what’s best” “I helped raise you” mentality.  While not completely overwhelming all the time it has always been present.  It is now especially as young adults that we have begun to reach a sort of median and have had our relationship bloom.

5Meet the Hoskins

Any advice to other siblings on maintaining a healthy relationship:

Valerie: Communication, trust and respect are the key to maintaining any healthy relationship. I am fortunate to have a sister I truly love and respect as a person, who just happens to be related to me.

Ashley: Advice to other siblings on how to maintain a healthy stable relationship with the other would be to just accept the difference between you and your sibling and to also to think of your sibling as a separate individual and not just as your sister/brother.  That will help to develop a relationship similar to how you do with others in life and also to take more of an objective approach to avoid extreme judgment and jealousy which can always arise with siblings.

Meet the Hoskins5

Why is it so important to have a good friendship/relationship with your sisters?

Valerie: No one can understand you and where you come from like a sister. She has often been my refuge in dealing with family matters and voicing fears and frustrations. No matter how many times we may get angry, I feel secure in knowing she will always be there.

Ashley: It’s extremely important to have a strong relationship with your sister being that they are your immediate family, have always been there.  Very few individuals in life will have your best interest at heart and love for you that could easily be found with a strong bond with your sister.

Awwwee thanks for sharing with us Ash & Val.  Ashley proudly mentioned that she’s a Howard Alum … Val you didn’t mention being an AGGIE  at all …… so we’ll do it for you AGGIE PRIDE!! LOL We love the Hoskins girls! Thanks again for sharing with us dolls. If you would like to share your sibling story with us, hit us up at

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