Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Hollands

We’re back with another Sibling Spotlight feature! The bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We absolutely adore this connection! We highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships.

Meet the Holland sisters Kortney and Kacey:

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Introduce yourselves (Tell us a little bit about yourselves):

Kacey: Hello world! I’m Kacey! I’m the older sister to Kortney, but the younger sister to our brother Kyle, which in turn makes me the “middle child!” I am the super-sensitive, creative, and social one. I am currently a mother and bride-to-be planning my wedding with my sister Kortney every step of the way as Maid of Honor!

Kortney: My name is Kortney Holland and as of February 26th I will be 24 years old. I am a proud Pisces with an old soul, as I’ve been told by others. Known for my heart melting smile 🙂 , you can always catch me smiling, even through the toughest circumstances. As a proud Christian woman, I never let a day go by without giving thanks to my Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ as he has and continues to show me favor, even when I fall short of his worthiness. I’m a big dreamer, and a hard lover who truly appreciates her relationships with family, and friends.

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Describe your relationship with your sister:

Kacey: Our relationship has grown a lot stronger over the years. In our childhood years, we did EVERYTHING together! Some of the things I loved, the other things like matching outfits, down to the bows, and her tagging along with me to a friend’s house or to the movies were forced by our mom. LOL During my teenage-her preteen years, we had to share a room which we both hated! I was in my “I’m grown” stage and she was in her development/trying to figure out what the heck was going on with her body and hormones stage. I think this was a rocky point in our relationship. To avoid fights and petty arguments, we hardly spoke and even attempted the whole “stay on your side of the room” rule.  Around college, our relationship got back on track. Our mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma Blood Cancer and we needed each other. I remember having plenty of major breakdowns over the phone with her (she was away in college) and her staying calm and talking me through my emotions. My sister, brother and I all shared different responsibilities helping to take care of our mom and even helping each other through it all. Experiencing the deterioration and death of our mom bought her, myself and my brother a lot closer together.   Currently, we have the typical sister relationship. While we have different social circles and interests, we are each other’s number one fan! I wish nothing but the best for her! When she is happy, I am happy and when she hurts, I hurt. We definitely get into arguments and may not always see eye to eye but she means the world to me.

Kortney: My relationship with my Sister is one that could never be replaced! A genuine relationship – in which I can find not only a Sister, but a true role model and friend. A relationship that offers a shoulder to cry on, a person to lean on, and gives some of the best advice a young lady such as myself could ask for (Just to name a FEW).  I can always count on my Sister, for any and everything! Relationships like those are hard to come by, therefore I am beyond thankful to share this type with my Big Sister.

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Something that you love about your relationship with your sister and something that you could work on (Strengths and Weaknesses):

Kacey: I love how much we support each other. Kortney is always there for me. She helped me move into my first home and she is playing an active role in helping plan my wedding. She always cheers me on in any endeavor I have attempted. I think I can work on communication. I struggle with that with many people. I’m not the quickest to get back to phone calls or text messages. With her possibly moving out of state, I know communication will be very important.

Kortney: I love that my Sister and I speak practically everyday! No matter how long, or the topic of conversation, the communication is always there and is consistent. I love just checking in to see how things are going, to share funny pictures, or vent about Life’s most trying moments. I appreciate and cherish our conversations, and I always will. One of our weaknesses – would be our attitudes (lol). Petty arguments arise here and there, for unnecessary reasons. But never does it hinder our relationship or love for each other ! I suppose we are just two sweet young women, with a little sass! *Sugar, spice, and everything nice*

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Through the years funny sister stories: (Was there an older/younger sister complex?) (Any funny stories?)

Kacey: Kortney was the typical baby of the family! She got what she wanted and she was always right! A funny story I will never forget is us being at the pool one day (as you can tell, we LIVED at the pool) and Kortney was flagging me down. She was in the water and I was over at the grill getting some food. I thought she was drowning or something so I ran over as quickly as possible. I jumped into the water and swam to her. Once I reached her, I found that she was on the shallow end, so I was confused. I asked “what’s wrong?!” She whispered to me “I used the bathroom on myself!”  I then replied “so what, I pee in the pool all the time, just swim it off.” She gave me a very serious look and said “no, I mean #2!” *GASP* I told her that we had to get out and get the towel to cover her up then go to the bathroom.  I closely followed her to the edge of the pool. I carefully helped lift her up and out of the pool and I quickly followed. I trailed behind her as we walked over to our chair where her towel was, once we got to the towel, we were in the clear! While I didn’t laugh in that moment, I laughed about it all the way home and I even get a chuckle thinking about it til this day!

Kortney: For majority of our childhood years, I have always been the little sister, who is bigger than the big sister ! I don’t exactly have a story in relation to this , but a picture that better captures this ! Hopefully I can find it : it’s of me and Kacey at the pool one summer. We literally lived at our local Swim and Racquet club – the two of us and our older Brother Kyle. We were posing for the camera – trying to imitate what our two friends who were also sisters, were doing. The older sister picked her younger sister up, and was holding her as they both smiled. Of course I wanted to do the same thing for the sake of a cute picture, yet unlike our friends, the younger sister was heavier than the big sister, lol! Poor Kacey, she tried to smile for the camera, but her pain and struggle clearly shows! It was the cutest thing ever.

The Holland Siblings

The Holland Siblings and their beautiful baby girls

Any advice to other siblings on maintaining a healthy relationship:

Kacey: I think that communication is key. Express yourself and be open to your sibling’s point of view.

Kortney: My advice to other siblings would be to never give up on one another. Love hard, be understanding, and speak often. Next to your parents, your siblings are the closest relatives that you have – cherish them.

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Why is it so important to have a good friendship/relationship with your sisters?

Kacey: Family will always be there no matter what. You fall in and out of friendships/ relationships, but your siblings will always be there no matter how big of a fight you all get into.

Kortney: It’s important to have a good relationship with your sisters so you can raid their closet !!! LOL! Kidding, although that is one of the many perks, haha. In my case, my Sister is a perfect example of the woman I strive to be in a few years. I NEED a good relationship with Kacey because I just care so much about her – she means so much to me. As sisters, you can share things with each other and not have to worry about what the other may think. Chances are one has “been there, and done” things that other May be going through, making some moments easier to get through. I know so many people who are the only child, and/or hope to meet someone to serve as the “Sister they’ve never had”. Well I know what it feels like to have a Sister – and for that, I am thankful, blessed.


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Your story is truly inspiring, despite life’s obstacles, set backs, and disappointments your relationship remains strong. Your mother must be looking proudly over you ladies. We know you’ll be a gorgeous bride Kacey and Kortney will be a beautiful bridesmaid. Can’t wait to see!!

Kacey is one half of the awesome blog! Be sure to check her out as she chronicles her life as a mommy. 

Again thank you guys for sharing. We love the Hollands 😉 

 If you have an awesome sibling story contact us at


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