Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Fryes

We’re back with another Sibling Spotlight feature. You guys know by now how much we LOVE and ADORE the connection shared amongst siblings especially sisters!

Next up meet the beautiful Frye sisters: Endya, Jordan & Whitney

Sibling Spotlight The Fryes

Introduce yourselves: 


Whitney: I’m the oldest of the girls as my grandmother affectionately calls us.  I’m an Attorney with the federal government and proud Tar Heel. My father and my grandfather are both attorneys so I kind of went into the family business. While most of my friends know me as an often boisterous, outspoken, and goofy individual, my sisters will tell you that I can be quiet and moody with short bursts of energy here and there. I’m in love with gummie bears and coca cola, and a stickler for organization.


Jordan: My name is Jordan (Frye) Hairston and I am 26 years old.  I got married on December 17, 2011 to the love of my life Brandon Hairston.  I recently had a baby girl on September 1, 2013.  She is my pride and joy and I love her to pieces!! I am a kindergarten teacher and I have been teaching for 5 years. 


Endya: My name is Endya Frye, and I am the youngest of the Frye Girls.  Currently, I am a second year medical student at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, and I am a proud alumna of NC A&T State University.  I am a woman whose faith is in Jesus Christ, an all-around family person, ultimate foodie, and compassionate individual that cares so much till I run dry. 

Frye Sisters


Describe your relationship with your sisters,  

Something that you love about your relationships and something that you could work on: 


Whitney: My relationship with my sisters has become one of my most valuable treasures as the years have gone by. As a child I was really concerned about my appearance with others and making friends, but I slowly started to lose who I was.  When I came home there were two kind faces who were willing to provide what I so desperately wanted, true friendship; it just took me a while to come around.  Although I was a collegiate cheerleader, I have never met two greater cheerleaders than my sisters. They have the ability to push and inspire me when my reserves are empty.  Family is very important to us all and our parents helped instill the principle of sisterhood in us at an early age. Even if I was mad at my sisters, no one else was going to mess with them and I made sure of it.  Sisterhood to me goes beyond friendship, it’s an unbreakable bond that many try and replicate. When you go to church they call you sister, in many organizations they’re called sisters, but they cannot replicate true sisterhood.  What I love about my sisters is everything that I lack, they have.  I admire the way that Jordan can mold young minds, and the gift she has with others.  She can make you smile even when your jaw is wired shut. Endya has an authority that is unparalleled, though she may be short in stature, you can’t deny her presence. Together we’re like a super team, and I feel indestructible with them by my side.  Although I feel as though my description of our relationship may come across cliché or idealistic, I’m conveying who we truly are.  I value our fights just as much as I cherish our memories because they help us to grow. There was a time where I didn’t want my little sis to tag along, but now I’d go to Timbuktu and back if they were with me.  I think we could work on how we react when we are disagreeing. I’m the lawyer so I always try to plead my case and in doing so may not listen or fully understand the others argument.  I also get so tied up in how the information is relayed I sometimes miss the big picture.

We laugh all the time. We pick on our dad, or each other or Jordan is up dancing and there are times where we just can’t stop laughing and we’re crying because we can’t catch our breath. Half of the videos on my phone are of Jordan dancing to some song in her head. It was especially funny when she was REALLY pregnant, she had this big belly but was moving around like she was on So You Think You Can Dance.  In my line of work I have to deal with people’s problems all day long, so I find solace in hanging out with my sisters and family because there is always joy and laughter between us.




Jordan: I absolutely love my sisters, they are my best friends. I know if I dont have anyone else I have my sisters.They understand me more than anybody. I admire them for going after their dreams and never giving up.  They have beauty and brains.  I love how determined they are and how they keep GOD first in everything they do.  I love our friendship and how our parents taught us to always remain close. I love how we have a healthy relationship and how we will do anything for each other. I love how they put up with my singing my talking and whatever else I do to get on their nerves.  They encourage me and help me to do a better person. We talk all most everyday either by text messages, facetime or calling.  Whitney tries to come over at least once a week to see me and AVery of course.  Since Endya is in medical school, we try to do a lot of facetime.  

What I like about our relationship is we always try to comfort each other and give each other encouraging words.  Even though we get on each others nerves, we are always there for each other no matter what is going on in our lives.  I believe that is one of our strengths, another strength I would say is we always try to make time for each other.  I would say our weakness that we should work on is not pushing each others buttons especially ME :).  I really know how to get under my sisters skin especially Whitney’s lol!  I can honestly say since we are older we have learned how to apologize and forgive quickly. I love how when everyone is in town we always go to my moms house on Saturday to go shopping or just hang out with each other and every Sunday we eat at my moms house after church.  



Endya: I highly value my relationship with my sisters.  I have come to appreciate it more and more over the years.  With med school, it can really take you to the bottom and for my sisters to understand my situation, pray for me during my low points it really means the world to me. When I think of my connection with them I think of this poem (unsure of the poet) that the three of us all knew when were growing up.  


“As sisters we had our ups and downs,

But the smiles always beat the frowns. 

We shared our joys.

We shared our tears.

We shared each other for many years. 

You’re my sister. 

You’re a treasure,

And my love for you I cannot measure. “


I really do love my sisters from the bottom of my heart.  The dynamic of our relationship is ultimately displayed by a shifting of roles. From the time we were children till now, I have been considered to be “the bossy one” aka “mama” out of the three of us.   It’s an innate motherly instinct in me to tell my sisters what to do and they do it.  I seldom realize I’m doing it until they make me aware of it.   Our family says I act like the oldest, Whitney acts like the middle child and Jordan acts like the youngest.  


I enjoy being around my sisters.  They make me laugh no matter if I’m happy or sad.  They’re a hilarious bunch, full of jokes, songs, and never ending funny stories.  My sisters have always been there for me through some tough experiences in life. Especially in the seventh grade when I was hospitalized and diagnosed with lupus, I could depend on them along with the rest of my family and friends to be my support system and cheerleaders. I know it was a difficult time for them but they held strong for me each time they would come to visit.  Although we may have our disagreements at the end of the day we still love one another.  It has truly been a delight to see how each one of us has grown and developed in our relationship with Christ.  I can admit that I might not have been the easiest person to live with when I first committed my life to Christ.  But when I honestly learned my actions spoke louder than words I began to see a change in all of our lives for the better. 


I’ll continue to say my sisters are my support, my right hand ladies, who are always there for me, and I’m always there for them. One thing I think we could work on is improving our communication skills to effectively relay our feelings and opinions between one another. Sometimes heated conversations can get nowhere even if we’ve forgiven one another.  Keeping an open mind can help us to continue to move forward. 



Through the years sister funny sister stories: 


Whitney: A lot of our stories I feel are only funny to us because we’re such a corny crew, but one story sticks out in my mind.  My granddad loves to tell this story by the way.  One weekend we were driving our parents crazy and they called my grandparents to come and pick them up to give them a break. Well when my Papa arrived to come pick us up we were acting just as crazy. He said we were in the car screaming and hollering, jumping around and acting foolish. He’s usually a man of few words and pretty mellow, but we were starting to get on his nerves too so he just told us all to Shut Up and be quiet! We all got really quiet and it was virtually a silent ride until Endya blurted out “AGGIE PRIDE!” My granddad said he couldn’t contain his laughter and we still laugh at that story, no matter how many times they decide to tell it.


Jordan: Whitney and I didnt get along as much when we were younger.  She was mean to me and didnt want me to hang around her.  She put peanut butter in my hair once and salt and pepper.  I was afraid of everything so one day at our neighbors house Endya and Whitney decided to lock me in a room full of cats which they thought was hilarious but I didnt think it was too funny! You can say I had middle child syndrome! I was the tattle tale, the trouble maker, whatever you name it! 



Endya: Jordan is the talkative one out of us.  The funny thing is when we were growing up everyone thought she couldn’t talk because she never said a word.  You wouldn’t believe that today. Well one time when we were driving to Maryland to see our godbrother graduate from high school, Jordan did not close her mouth from the time we left Greensboro till the time we got to Maryland.  I kept hoping the entire trip she would get sleepy so I could take a nap, but I was not fortunate. 



Any advice to other siblings on maintaining a healthy relationship:

Whitney: Advice to other siblings:  I think maintaining a healthy relationship with your siblings involves communication, and realizing that communication includes listening. Learning to have fun with your family helps too! Being a sibling is not just about being a friend but understanding the importance of family. Disagreements happen but that just comes with the territory, learn how forgive and move on.


Jordan: Advice I would give to other siblings: Be supportive, be loving, communicate, encourage one another, tell them the truth when no one else will 



Endya: As siblings you’ve grown up together, you probably know what makes each other tick and how to push the right or wrong buttons in almost every situation.  In all circumstances try to speak the truth in love to one another.  Think how will this benefit my brother or sister in the long run.  We are our brother’s/sister’s keeper. 




Anything else?


Thanks again for featuring us! 




Awwwww thanks again Frye Girls!! Thanks sooooo much for sharing with us! We love your beautiful story! You know the deal … if you want to share your Sibling Story with us hit us up at Hugs and Kisses! Happy Friday!

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