Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Bullocks

In honor of #NationalSiblingDay, we’re back with another Sibling Spotlight feature, this time we’ve got brothers! {See told you guys that we don’t discriminate lol}  The bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We adore this connection! We highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships.

Next up meet the Bullocks

Josh & Drew

Introduce yourselves: 

Drew: They call me Safety, SJS, or Drew. Keepin it simple, I’m a YouTuber, an A&T alum & football player.

Josh: My name is Josh Adam. I’m a hip hop artist in LA. I’m a former Aggie of North Carolina A&T and I’m dedicated to making a change in our music culture.


Describe your relationship with your brother: 


Drew: We’re close. That’s my manz. Lol We’re both driven to be inspirations to others so with that same mindset we vibe pretty well.


Josh: I’d say my relationship with my brother is pretty close. We are more of each other’s support system than anything else. If he ever needs my help with something I’m more than willing to step in and vice versa.



Two things that you love about your relationship with your sibling and two things that you could work on (Strengths and Weaknesses): 


Drew: I’m glad I can talk to him about anything: music, sports, girls, anything. I’m also happy that we both aren’t afraid to go for greatness, so when we’re talking about the future we’re never pessimistic; only positive.

Things we could work.. um, I could text/call him more. I can’t think of another thing we could work on.


Josh: Two things I love about my relationship with my brother would be we both have a dedication to succeed and we both understand the importance of family. Two things we could work on would be to relax and enjoy life instead of working so hard and to hang out together more.



Through the years ….. Funny Stories: 


Drew: I remember when we were little and trying to help our parents wash their cars. We had to be around ages 8 and 6. So my brother’s got a soap-soaked rag and is rubbing it on the car… and I’ve got the garden hose.. oh boy lol. I was on the other side of the car and I intentionally sprayed it high so the water would reach over and get him wet. He was like “STOOP IIITT!!” LOL!! And took off running! Oh I was mean sometimes.


When we were older in 2006 and it was Josh’s first night in Greensboro as a freshman, we went to the club and partied with my boys. We left the club and went back to the Greene Streetparking deck because that’s where everybody parked. This dude of Anglo-Saxon descent (that’s me being politically correct lol) was in there a little tipsy and asking for a ride. We ain’t never met this dude. At the same time this WASTED girl also of Anglo-Saxon descent stumbled is beating on the window of a parked Escalade. We’re thinking she locked her keys inside. Rather than just going straight home we (me, Josh, and 3 of our boys) figured we just sit on our cars and watch; free entertainment at 2:15 in the morning. So after convincing the dude to go and try to holla at the girl (he said she was hot lol) we watched him almost get slapped by the wasted girl. Freaking hilarious. Then this SUV pulls up with 2 more dude who have spent a little time in the weight-room. One of the dudes gets out and unlocks the Escalade, helps the wasted girl inside and gets ready to pull off. This whole time the tipsy dude we first met was just standing there watching. We were like “ didn’t you come with them?” So for some reason he’s acting like he’s scared to get in the car with them, and they weren’t telling him to come on either. So he builds up some courage and goes and asks the driver of the Escalade if he can ride. The drive looks at him like “What?!” Then the driver looks at all of us while smiling. Then he told the dude to “kick rocks” in a not so nice way. Whole time me, josh and the boys are laughing. The driver gets in the truck and starts to pull off when the tipsy guy says starts mocking him and cursing. The driver slammed on the brakes, got out of the truck, walked to the dude and hit dead on the jaw with a right cross. At this time I’m recording on my flip phone (shut up it was 2006 lol). There was no Worldstarhiphop back then so I had nowhere to upload it. This dude was out cold. We were sitting like “Ooohhh snap!!”. The 2 trucks pulled off and we were just looking at dude like “dang..”. Then one of my boys was like we should get out of here before the cops think we did it! We hopped in the cars and peeled out of there! Ahh memories..



Josh and I have never had a crush on the same girl at A&T but we did deal with the same girl a year apart. I won’t say her name but yeah, that was interesting.


Advice to other siblings on maintaining a healthy relationship:


Drew: You need to be friends and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be. You come from the same people and are probably raised with the same values. Resenting each other just because that’s what you see siblings do on TV is stupid. I am my brother’s keeper.


Josh: My advice would be to keep your communication high. Communication is key to anything. You want your sibling to be the one person you can trust even if you feel like there’s no one to trust.



Where can we find you guys? 

Drew: You can find me on YouTube at Sjsafety18. You can also just search SJS and I’ll come up too. I’m on twitter and instagram as well: @sjs856   Come follow me and see what the fuss is all about; if you want to.


Twitter- @JoshRaps

Instagram – @JoshRaps

Of course we’ll continue to listen and support and you guys! Keep doing your thing Bullocks! Thanks for sharing your story with us loves. You know the deal, if you want to share your sibling story hit us up at Happy National Siblings Day 🙂

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