Sibling Spotlight: Meet the Barrows

We’ve got two special treats for you today! We’re back with another Sibling Spotlight feature. The bond shared between siblings is of the utmost importance to us. We absolutely adore this connection! We highlight the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with your sibling through featuring siblings that have great relationships.

First up meet the adorable twins Maya and Zina: 

the barrows

Introduce yourselves (Tell us a little bit about yourselves):
Maya: Hello there, my name is Maya. I was born in Rochester, NY and raised in Northern Virginia. As a proud Ram from Virginia Commonwealth University, I hope to enrich the lives of my community through medicine. I have always wanted to tackle the disease cancer due to the effect it has had on various members of my family; so with that I am an aspiring doctor/radiologist. I find joy in helping others, art, music, and exploring cultures. Recently, I developed a love for traveling and hope to continue my voyage around the world one day. In short, I am a simply an enthusiast about life.
Zina: My name is Zina. I’m a Leo. I like slow walks on the beach, and currently lead a pescatarian lifestyle J. I was born in Rochester, New York and raised in Virginia. I studied Spanish Language and Translation at St. John’s University and The Catholic University of America. I am a sensitive person and passionate about my community. I love to paint, read, and write; and may end up writing a book one day.
Describe your relationship with your sister:
Maya: My relationship with this girl is ineffable but I will try to describe it the best way that I can lol. Z gets me and I get her. Yea, we are fraternal twins but it’s much deeper than the biological sense. She is the most comfortable space for me to be in. Corny, I know, but she is the absolute best friend I could ever have and that’s dope.
Zina: We are fraternal twins, born 14 minutes apart; Maya coming out first (I don’t say she’s older because we were made at the same time and she just so happened to leave the womb first). Of course Maya does not share this same perspective. She often goes into “big sister mode,” attempting to tell me what to do or how to do it. Aside from this, we have a pretty healthy relationship. I basically grew up with my best friend. We go to each other for anything. We don’t have to censor ourselves around one another; and at the same time, hold the other accountable. I truly believe that we complement and make one another better. I correct her grammar and tone, and she tells me when I’m talking too loud, being overly dramatic, or wearing too much blush. We balance each other out.
We hate to sound cliché but can you guys feel each other’s pain like on a twin wavelength?
Maya: Oh, this question lol. Sorry to break it to you all, thanks to Tia & Tamara and the Olsen twins, people believe this to be true, but it’s not (at least not for us). I actually have wished for this power to share pain, especially when she gets her intense migraines so she would not be the only one suffering. I am sure science will make it an option for twins soon, as there are new discoveries being made in genetics every day. However, until then we can entertain the idea.
Zina: Ha! We have been asked this question by everyone from our kindergarten teachers to the pastor of our church. Although we cannot physically feel the pain of the other, we do have the ability to truly, truly empathize (which might be just as painful). It is the corniest thing in the world, but when she hurts, I really can’t take it. When one cries, tears are blooming in the eyes of the other. When we went to see Santa for the first time, I was so excited and Maya was petrified. I was fine initially. When my sister sat beside me on Santa’s other knee, she began crying hysterically and I soon followed. Nothing has changed. Recently, when we went to see The Best Man Holiday, I was only slightly tearing up. However, when I turned to my sis, she was sobbing. I don’t know what it is, but I couldn’t help but do the same. The same goes for heartbreaks, and the typical struggles of life. If someone breaks her heart, I feel like they broke mine. Sappy, I know!
Something that you love about your relationship with your sister and something that you could work on (Strengths and Weaknesses):
Maya: The thing I love most about us is that when we argue we can make up within the next hour. We can never stay mad at each other longer than a few minutes. Now for the weakness…we communicate well but it has the tendency to falter at times. For instance, shawty never likes to ask for anything of mine, from my clothes to accessories and shoes, etc (the list goes on). I will go in my room and find things missing. Luckily, we wear the same size in pretty much everything, but it would be nice if she didn’t always assume the answer is “yes” to everything. I think I deserve to at least be asked if she can wear my things before they are sported down these streets.
Zina: I love that we are able to have fun and laugh together in nearly any environment. Sometimes, all it takes is YouTube & a bottle of wine, and we are thoroughly entertained, haha. We are honest about our feelings and I can trust her with my most embarrassing secrets. Something that we could work on? Hmmm… different things. I already know that she is going to say that I need to work on asking her before wearing any of her belongings. Sigh. I don’t ask because I already know the answer which is generally, “no.” So, I’d say that she needs to work on sharing. It’s funny because I will have worn a pair of her pants and still have them in my room. But I see her wear them the next day. We never address that I wore them without asking or that she went in my room to retrieve them without telling me. Also, because we are so comfortable with one another, we talk to each other any kind of way (which isn’t the best way to communicate). Things can come off harsher than they’re meant to be so the other will get an attitude, which turns into us not speaking for ten minutes and then giving in & moving on because we have more things to tell the other. Ugh.
Through the years funny sister stories: (Who’s the younger twin? Who’s the older twin?) (Any funny stories?)
Maya: One story that sticks out was when my sister decided to change her outfit after arriving to school. It was the last day before Christmas break in elementary school and Z got these new bright red tights that she could not wait to grace the hallways with. Unfortunately, according to our mom, the weather did not call for her legs to be out, but she decided to wear them anyway. She left the house in corduroy pants, unbeknownst to us, her bright red tights were underneath. Moments after arriving to school, she changed into the skirt she carried in her backpack; of course, I had to find out during recess lol smh. Once we got home, the daily question “how was school today girls?” was answered with “Zina changed into a skirt today when we got to school.” I remember the look of disgust she gave me after spilling the beans, from that point on I knew some things were better left between us.
Zina: I came out 14 minutes after Maya. We have so many funny stories. I wish I could remember them all! One in particular was when I was about four or five and decided to cut my own bangs. I kept cutting them shorter and shorter to get them even until all I had left was scalp in the very front portion of my head (I cringe just thinking about it). What I had done hadn’t hit me until I went downstairs to debut my new ‘do. My grandma and her sister, Aunt Patsy were visiting and the looks on their faces said it all. When my mom saw, she scolded me and told me that I would need months of growth until it could be “fixable.” Later, when I went to school, attempting to conceal my work with a headband and a slab of grease to lay my short hairs down (SMH!), I remember being so nervous about the patch that was still visible. My sister told me not to worry and that if anyone made fun of me, they were only jealous because I was the prettiest girl in the class. Although this was not quite accurate, I knew I could always count on my Maya for a confidence boost.
Any advice to other siblings on maintaining a healthy relationship:
Maya: Remembering that you always have each other is key. You have to be able to forget the trivial things and remember that you all are in this together. With twins, you often find comparisons being made, so you all have to not let anyone put you against each other because at the end of the day, that person is gone and you are left with each other.
Zina: I would just say that arguing is normal; especially for twins. With that being said, be slow to anger and quick to reconcile & make amends. I believe nothing is unforgivable and that when there is an issue, you should calmly speak to the other about it. Also, be receptive and listen to one another’s opinions. No one is perfect, so when your sibling comes to vent to you with a secret or about something stupid that they did, don’t judge and scrutinize him/her.
Why is it so important to have a good friendship/relationship with your sisters?
Maya: It is important to maintain such a relationship and strong bond because this person, your blood, will be your number one supporter, so be good to them.
Zina: A good relationship with your twin/sibling is important because that is the one who truly knows your story and is there for you for the long haul. When we would leave the house or go on a trip, our parents would tell us to look out for each other because if anything were to happen, everyone else would be looking out for themselves. Therefore, we need to protect each other. We always have each other’s best interests at heart.
Contact Info? IE (Instagram/Twitter/ETC)
Maya: @yaya_bee
Zina: @zinawarriorr
How cute are you guys!!! AND Yesssss tail club! We truly appreciate you beautiful ladies sharing your story with us! 
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