Revamping an Old Handbag

20140814_222550I purchased a new purse a while ago that I loved so much…I took it everywhere constantly for a long period of time. Since I have a bad habit of carrying my life around with me it causes straps to wear down sooner that they should. I got an idea on how to revamp my purse and replace the old straps with something new that would give it a completely different look.

2014-08-14 22.45.06

I removed the straps and replaced me with a gold chain I had laying around. This project took me less than 10 minutes to complete. I was very happy with the outcome and I actually like my handbag much better than before.


Have you revamp anything lately?



Presently, I see myself as a creative soul searching for my niche. I have learned to embrace my individuality. I wake up everyday and put forth the effort to appreciate the value in all things big and small, and seek an opportunity to be inspired. In a nutshell I am an optimist on my own personal journey of spiritual growth and self discovery. In the end all of the pieces will fall into place!

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