Recent Finds At Rugged Warehouse!

I would like to think you all know me pretty well by now, and since you know me you are well aware that I LOVE to shop! Recently I found 3 must have items from Rugged Warehouse that were priced at 7.99 a piece!


I brought 2 shirts and a skirt.



Both of the tops are leather peplums and the skater skirt has that leather look as well. From the photographs above you can see that one top is black and the other is brown with gold studs and the skirt is black as well. I have found all of these items to be great additions to my wardrobe. I always find great items and deals in Rugged Warehouse. If you are not too far located from one you may want to check it out every now and then you never know what you may be missing out on!

Do you shop at Rugged Warehouse? If so, have you purchased any must have items from there recently?


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