Priteva Healthy Hair Challenge

We’re all about embracing healthy hair habits around these parts. Therefore, we’re ecstatic about being selected to participate in the ‘Priteva 90 Day Healthy Hair Challenge’. Priteva is a supplemental vitamin used to improve one’s hair skin and nails …. think maximum hair growth (of course while still embracing other healthy habits!). This supplements’ key ingredients include Biotin, Aloe Vera, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and a slew of other fortifying ingredients.

We will  take the vitamins for 90 days and record our progress.

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According to Priteva’s website ‘Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula provides a rich, healthy source of nourishment to help your hair reach its maximum growth potential. This unique formula nourishes hair and scalp for optimal growth and retention.’

VeCoya’s Current Regimin:

I’m hoping that by taking Priteva and still engaging in my regular routines to maximize my hair growth.  My current hair regimin is minimal being that my hair is in a protective style (braids). I simply oil my scalp and braids every few days. LENGTH CHECK: Luckily before braiding my hair, I was able to snap a few shots of my hair after I used a blow dryer.

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 … Yeah so I probably should’ve worn ANY other color shirt besides this black one that I have on LOL.  I  also exercise by going to spin class twice a week, and TRY to drink at least 64  ounces of water everyday (emphasis on the TRY part).

Charla’s Current Regimin:
I want to see what results I can achieve by taking Priveta. As I have stated a number of times I don’t stress or over think when it comes to my hair. My overall goal is to ensure it is healthy. On average I wash my hair every other week, wear alot of protective styles, and avoid putting heat on it especially during the spring and summer. Below is a picture of the last time my hair was straightened this year. It was VERY straight because I had just unwrapped it. Looking forward to the advantages and outcome of using Priveta!
We’re so excited about this challenge and look forward to updating you guys with our progress!! Thanks Priteva 😉
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