Priteva Healthy Hair Challenge Review

Hey loves! We are back to share our thoughts on the Hair Vitamin Priteva. In April we told you that we were going to use Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula and record our progress.



In my pictures from April my hair was extremely straight. I flat ironed it two weeks before the photo was taken and my hair was on its last leg lol so it felt greasy that it was time to wash it again. In the picture above I washed and and blow dried my hair that same day. My hair appears fuller but I can not definitively say that this is due to me taking Priteva. My hair may look fuller/different in the more recent photo because it was blow dried that day. I honestly feel that if my hair did grow, it grew the average length that it would have grown whether I was taking the vitamin or not. I appreciate the experience and the opportunity to utilize and review this product. When given chances like this we will always provide honest feedback to our readers because you all are so important to us  🙂

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Howdy folks! Hope you are enjoying this amazingly awesome summer. I, for one feel like it’s flying by already lol but such is life. My original plan was to wait until the fall to straighten my hair but to be completely honest with you …. I needed a change and sometimes the straight look can scratch that itch for me lol a few other factors were involved … primary my need to review the Priteva Product and the fact that I desperately needed my ends clipped.

So I went to my girl, Nicole, a professional hair stylist and got her to striaghten my hair and trim my ends. After she got on me about waiting 6 months to trim my ends lol she went straight to work and did a fantastic job as she always does. If you are located in the Maryland area, you can schedule an appointment with her through her website Mane Tame It, she does an amazing job without using too much heat.

My thoughts on Priteva:

I think that my hair grew but I’m going to stop being so obsessed with length checks everytime I straighten it, because I can’t tell of any major difference. My friends tell me it’s getting longer but it’s not completely evident to me *ye shrug*. Healthy hair is the goal so if I can’t ever get that Aaliyah length hair that I’ve been wanting since I was 13 I’ll just throw in some tracks LOL. Sidebar, I can’t imagine how time consuming caring for waist length hair must be on a daily basis ….. I go into a panic dealing with my own mane sometimes now lol.

ANYWHO, I like Priteva and really appreciate the opportunity to review this product. I’ve completed the bottle and am relatively satisfied with the results. I do feel that Priteva is a good multi-vitimin however it should be noted that I didn’t witness any major and significant differences. My hair was also in a protective style for 7 weeks and after straightening it I had to trim and cut my hair.

Can you tell a difference in our hair? What are your thoughts on Priteva?

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