My Senagalese Twists Are Back

Hey Guys! I’ve been rocking my curls all summer & although I love my beautiful curls its time to give them a break. I went to my girl’s Tifu’s shop to get Senagalese Twists (if you attended Love the Hair You Wear you received a $20 off coupon in your goodie bag at the event!). It took 5 LONG hours BUT I’m satisfied with the results!


I’ll probably rock them for about a month and use the following tips to take care of them:

  • Use braid spray and light oils daily to keep them moist and prevent an itchy scalp.
  • Don’t wear super tight braids. Traction alopecia is a serious problem and can destroy your hairline.
  • Wash your hair with a stocking cap over it to prevent fuzziness.
  • Sleep with a silk or satin scarf tied around your braids at night to keep them smooth, frizz and lint free.

What do you guys think? How are you protecting your tresses this summer?

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