My New Protective Style thanks to Heat Free Hair!

I ordered my first Heat Free Hair wig and I’m in love! The Heat Free Hair movement is a great opportunity for naturalistas like myself to protect their hair while rocking the curly look as well. Now, I’ll admit I was hesitant to spend coins on the hair at first mainly because I’ve never spent too much money on hair. But thanks to a slight discount I received (for modeling for HFH last year) and having the wig on my wish list for over 6 months, I decided it was definitely worth the investment.

I had an idea of which wig would look best on me because I got the chance to model for Heat Free Hair last year. I chose the For Koils Queen Wig and it blends well with my hair. The wig comes in a cute pink package.


Upon arrival I shampooed and conditioned the wig with Edenbody Works Peppermint Tea Tree products then applied Shea Moisture’s leave in conditioner. I brushed through the curls with a tangling brush and allowed the wig to dry for a day.


In the meantime I washed and conditioned my own hair and cornrowed it, leaving the front middle portion out. Similar to the way it looked in our U part video! I twisted the middle section of my hair that would be exposed so that it would blend better with the wig. I was so pleased with the results! I got so many compliments and wore the wig that entire week!


New to the wig game? No worries, Heat Free Hair’s Youtube channel has a variety of videos to show you how to install and take care of the wig. This is a great protective option because it allows me to give my hair a break. Plus it’s not the easiest thing to accomplish a wash in go in the winter unless you want to stay indoors all day while it dries. I’m so excited to step my wig game up! What about you? Have you tried a new protective style this winter? What’s your wig game looking like?



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