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The end of Black History Month called for some great quality television, BET and VH1 aired two awesome documentaries.

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners– Before watching this two hour documentary, we knew very few details about Miss Davis. We knew she was a very well educated, political activist that was prominent in our culture in the 70s. However, this documentary gave us an entire new prospective on the impact that she made not only on American culture but on the entire world. Accused and later acquitted of kidnapping and murder, this film was an excellent treat! We’re so very glad that we got the opportunity to view this gem. Directed by Shola Lynch the documentary was released in 2012. We’re not sure when it will air on BET again but it’s available for purchase and well worth the $7.99 in our opinion.

Tanning of America One Nation Under Hip Hop – This is a four part Rock Doc series that gives an overview of the evolution of Hip Hop. It spans from the 1970s starting with pioneer rappers like Big Daddy Kane and The Sugar Hill Gang until present day.
You can catch each episode on , but if you missed out here’s the first of the four part series.
And of course we’re excited about our guilty pleasures returning like Scandal and the fab sisters from Mary Mary because face it, it’s entertaining TV!!
Did you get a chance to catch these documentaries? If so, what were your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Author Thierry Ehrmann Source:

Photo Credit:
Author Thierry Ehrmann
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  • Reply March 1, 2014

    Marie Young

    I saw both these documentaries commercials on the tube. I should of made time to view them….

    • Reply March 4, 2014

      Greene VDC

      The Free Angela documentary is phenomenal!!

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