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The Mary Kay product line is a very well known make up cosmetic line that promotes and caters to the spirit of the entrepreneur, especially women entrepreneurs! Our friend Brittany is moving on up the ranks in this pony show, she now serves as an independent beauty consultant! (Woot Woot go Britt!) She sent us a few products that of course we want to review so get ready:



 So I have come to the realization that I have an obsession with lipstick!! I had the pleasure of sampling two lipsticks, both of which I feel are a wonderful addition to my current collection.

Maple: This lipstick is a light everyday go to lipstick and can be worn in any environment. On me personally, I feel this is a good go to color since my natural lip color is a darker tone. I love the versatility and texture!

Merlot: Merlot, merlot…what can I say… of the two lipsticks I sampled this was definitely my favorite. I love a bold lip and this screams fall! It is such a beautiful burgundy and it has the same soft moisturizing texture as Maple. Simply put, Merlot=Love.

Nail Polish


Nail Lacquer Lemon Parfait: This nail polish is a very pretty pale yellow. I think light and neon colors look good on my skin complexion. Two coats of this bad boy will do the trick, throw on a top coat and BAM you have perfection.


Sheer Bliss: Sheer Bliss is a cream blush by Mary Kay. I love the texture as I have said previously with all of the products. This cream blush is light and feels as if you are wearing nothing after you apply. I normally use blush on a daily basis and I am glad I was exposed to this product, I definitely see a purchase in the near future.

All products were wonderful and did not disappoint in any way, shape, or form. Thank you so much for allowing us an opportunity to give them a try Brittany!!!


Satin Lips Lip Mask and Lip Balm: Two words …. Soft and revitalizing!! My lips feel softer and refreshed after applying the mask and finishing with the balm. Both products are a must have and are going in my make up bag ASAP!


Lash Love Mascara: Pleasantly surprised! Loved it, not only does it stay on all day but when its time to remove I don’t look like a raccoon, I’ve DEFINITELY had that problem with other products SHEESH! This goes in the make up bag too!! It may become a staple mascara because I’m officially a fan.



Firecracker – While I liked the ‘Firecracker’ orange shade because it was moisturized and easy to apply, it did stain my lips. I wasn’t able to remove it as easily as I would have liked but I plan on using again.

Boysenberry Shade – I’m not a fan of darker shades probably because I have yet to find MY KILLER DARK SHADE but this shade was okay. Both lipsticks have glitter and slightly glimmer, it would be nice if Boysenberry had longer coverage. I’m not certain that these lipsticks would last on my lips all day (they are not matte) but overall I was not disappointed with these Mary Kay Products. Go MK!

Be sure to support Brittany and pick up a few products here: www.marykay/hicks

Thanks Mary Kay & Brittany with all that FABULOUS HAIR!


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We’ll be doing the review for the remainder of the Mary Kay products soon so stay tuned!

Have you ever tried Mary Kay products? What did you think?

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