Make Up Essential Bag

As a girl always on the go, it is vital to keep a makeup ‘essential bag’ at all times. This ‘essential bag’ can fit into any purse and contains all the things needed to give you that refreshing and refined look. It often comes in handy because although one may not be inspired to ‘look fly’ for work or class, you never know when you may be invited somewhere at the spur of the moment. Therefore one must always be prepared, some important MUST HAVES in the essential bag include:


The ‘IT’ Lipstick – Every girl should have at least one lipstick that accentuates her features and requires little to no additional make up. The ‘IT’ lipstick is perfect for the unexpected night out on the town. If you are unsure about your ‘IT’ lipstick, try researching celebrities with similar skin tones and find out what shades they are wearing. Some people prefer cool toned colors but if you love bold lipsticks, you may want to try Mac’s Ruby Woo or The Lip Bar’s Femme Fatale.

Bronzer & Make Up Brush– In the winter months, it is especially important to keep bronzer on hand. Use a make up brush to apply and give your skin an extra glow. Ulta has a great selection of bronzers to choose from.

Mascara– Make your eyes ‘pop’ by adding a hint of mascara.

Q-Tips– An essential tool to cleaning up & erasing mistakes like applying too much mascara can be fixed easily. Add a little oil sheen to the q-tip, gently wipe the skin and it will make unwanted mascara marks and eye shadow disappear!

Eye Liner– Another essential tool used to enhance the eyes. Jordanna Blue Devine Eyeliner is a great choice!

These tools can transform any regular day into an extraordinary night! Cute inexpensive accessory bags can be found at stores like Target for less than $10.

Are there any ‘must haves’ in your makeup bag that we didn’t mention? What’s in your makeup bag?


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  • Reply October 10, 2013


    Must try the oil sheen trick to erase mascara mistakes! I also keep a simple lip balm in my makeup bag. I love MAC lip conditioner and EOS!

    • Reply October 13, 2013


      Another great suggestion! We’ll have to try that lip conditioner

  • Reply October 12, 2013


    Perfume. I LOVE Victor and Roffle’s Flower bomb and Marc Jacob’s Honey. Also, a nice eye shadow pallet. One that includes colors for day and night.

    • Reply October 13, 2013


      Perfume!! That’s a great one, we must add it in our bag lol

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