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We had the opportunity to try and review various products from the Madison Blu product line. Reviewing products is one of our favorite things to do when it comes to blogging because we get the opportunity to be honest and share our experiences. Madison Blu hooked us up! One word to describe the product sizes ….. HUGE! It will take years to use all of these products and for that we are grateful LOL.

According to the Madison Blu website:

‘Founded and established by Angela Graham in NYC, Madison Blu is a hair care company that specializes in the recovery of damaged hair. The team at Madison Blu strives for their products to be a part of the ultimate daily hair regimen. Our products should be used weekly to help maintain the health of your hair. We work hard to find ingredients that work well with all hair types and textures. We don’t want our products to weigh the hair down. Instead, we want our products to bring your hair to life.We use the butterfly as a symbol of our brand. Simply because, a butterfly starts life off as a small egg and then hatches into a caterpillar, then once the caterpillar has reached it’s growth mark, it then transitions into a Pupa (chrysalis), once it reaches it’s final stage, it transforms into a beautiful butterfly. We look at the journey of a butterfly as the journey of your hair. Allow our products to help transform your hair into thick, healthy and strong tresses.’



I want to begin by saying I really loved all the products that I used on my hair. Anyone who knows me will let you know that I tell it like it is. I wouldn’t speak highly of this product line if I didn’t mean it. I used 5 of the products over the course of 2 days when I wanted to wash and straighten my hair a few weeks ago. The first night I washed my hair with the Deep Conditioning Shampoo with Avocado Oil. This left my hair feeling really clean. I have a tendency to be heavy-handed when putting products in my hair and this was able to get my hair clean by washing and rinsing twice. I then used the Blu Mango Hair Masque Deep Moisture Restorative Treatment. I allowed it to sit in my hair for about 20 minutes and then rinsed it out.

While my hair was damp I then used the Citrus Blend Protein Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair. I left the Protein Treatment on my hair over night and a majority of the next day. The following night I rinsed out the Protein Treatment and washed my hair with the Moisture Therapy Cleanser 2 in 1 Hydrating Conditioner and Shampoo. (I know this sounds like a lot but stay with me, I’m almost done I promise lol) After washing out the Hydrating Conditioner and Shampoo I then followed my usual routine when it involves blowing drying and straightening my hair but I incorporated the Keratin Repair Mist Leave-In Strengthening Treatment from the Madison Blu product line.

I loved the outcome of my hair. I feel these products left my hair leaving soft, extremely hydrated and shiny. I didnt have to add any other products to my hair for days and my hair remained straighten for two weeks! I will be using the remainder of the products given to us from Madison Blu and purchasing more! Thank you Madison Blu for allowing us the opportunity to review your products, words can’t describe how overly satisfied I was with everything we were given!



From reading the descriptions of these products I knew the best time to use and review these products would be when my hair was straightened. Last week the perfect opportunity presented itself when I decided to straighten my hair.

I first used the Blu Mango Hair Masque Deep Moisture Restorative Treatment sat under the dryer for 20 minutes rinsed it then used the hydrating shampoo, and finished with the conditioner. Once my hair was combed and detangled, I used the Mineral Oil and the Keratin Repair Mist Leave-In Strengthening Treatment.The Madison Blu product line left my hair feeling shiny and moisturized. I may have applied too much oil because I’m a bit heavy handed but over all my hair was straight and I kept it that way for an entire 10 days …. which is huge in my book!

I recently got my hair recolored in the crown area (about a month ago) so keeping my hair moisturized is very important. Madison Blu products did that and more. I approve!




Thanks Madison Blu!!

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