Let The Wedding Planning Commence!

So it’s finally 2017 … &  our wedding is six months away! As excited as I am, I can’t lie … I can see how this can be a stressful process. It’s like decisions, decisions, decisions! YIKES … from the decorations to the menu to the DJ there are so many decisions to be made. But then there are moments where it hits me that I’m actually about to me Mrs. Vecoya A. Banks! I’m marrying by best friend and it makes me grin from ear to ear. We’re about to have a great time celebrating our union!

Over all, I think I’m doing pretty well to be 6 months out. We have the venue, booked the photographer, pricing videographers, I’ve even hired a day of planner. We’ve schedule tastings for the caterer and have a cake tasting this weekend. Ohhhh and did I mention that I found my wedding dress! AYYYEE its GORGEOUS & I absolutely love it.
I’ve listed some tips for new brides and managing the planning process. Wanna hear it? Here it goes:
  • Utilize websites like weddingwire.com or theknot.com you can create your website for your wedding, free of charge. Plus they have very helpful checklist to help you stay on track with ‘To-Do’ lists and timelines.


  • Ask others brides about how they planned their wedding. Getting tips from people that have been through the process is priceless and let’s you know as much as you think you have on your to do list …. It can be done.


  • Don’t get too caught up in stressing about the details, this is your wedding day and it’s gonna be BEAUTIFUL! (That’s the mantra I keep repeating to myself lol) So plan it how you want to plan it. Make it yours! It’s great to get opinions of your family and loved ones but ultimately let your voice be heard so that the wedding still fits your vision.


  • Utilize your bridesmaids. I am the first to admit that decor and DIY projects are not my strong suite. However, I have some amazing friends that specialize in this area. So the smart thing to do is to ask for their opinion on how some of these pinterest pictures may turn out in real life …. is it doable? Will you help me make it? And by help me …. I mean will you take the lead lol!


  • Don’t be afraid to make decisions but also don’t be afraid to take your time thinking about things in order to make the best decision possible. I am a doer meaning if it’s on my to do list …. it’s going to get done. I have to remember to slow it down and have patience. Rushing the decision process can be harmful if you find a better deal down the road. You’ll end up kicking yourself like DAMN IT why didn’t I wait a few days lol I’m making it a habit to sit and think about things for atleast 3 days before making decisions. ‘Is this saving money? Can I find a better deal? Can I see this person’s work?’ UNLESS its a once in a lifetime deal! Then you have no choice but to go for it. I’ve got a funny feeling that either way you approach it you’ll still be hesitant about the decision making process when it comes to choosing the best vendor for you.


  • Have an idea of what you want before you go shopping. I HATE being in any store for a long period of time, so before I went wedding dress shopping I browsed websites to pick out some of the styles that I really liked. When I got to the store, I showed the person helping me some of the dresses that I HAD to try one. Welp this worked out in my favor because the 3rd dress that I tried on is the one that I purchased. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t have browsed the website before hand. Andddd no this isn’t the dress you’ve got to wait til July 8th to see that bad boy!537FBA9E-66C0-4E76-A4A3-F6116D74149A
Lastly, enjoy the process. I only want to get married once so this is a once in a lifetime experience and I’m truly enjoying each step of the way! We’ve got our tasting this weekend so I’ll definitely keep you posted about some of the next steps in the wedding planning process.
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