Less Than Two Months Until We Get Married

Hey guys checking in to give you some updates on the wedding planning process. Sooo our wedding is less than two months away! AHHHH I can’t wait I’m so excited. The planning process thus far has been pretty smooth but in all honestly a tad bit stressful too.

I’m sure it will only get more stressful as the day gets closer so I’m kind of happy we only have six weeks and some change left, I’m sure they will fly by! I’m not nervous about getting married because Eugene is AWESOME. I’m more so anxious about the day of and hoping everything goes PERFECT (who am I kidding NOTHING is perfect so Jesus hear my prayer … I’ll settle for things going smoothly)

A big to do item came off my list when the invitations were sent. I LOVE THEM TOO! My friend Theresa made them for us and she did not disappoint. Our main colors are gold and coral so these invitations were perfect!

All of the major things are taken care of now, it’s just handling the little details and not becoming too overwhelmed. I’m overly ambitious too cuz your girl is planning Love The Hair You Wear too! But truth be told I felt like I had no choice. I can’t let my passion project fall by the way side because we’re getting married. Balance is very important to me so I had to continue with my natural hair show, this year marks 3 years for Love The Hair You Wear! The great news is, it will all get done!
I’ve always known marriage is something that I want and I’m beyond blessed because I’m marrying the love of my life, my best friend, plus we’re equally yoked. I’m WINNING!
I never truly thought about all that goes in to the wedding process though, (as I’m sure most brides to be don’t until it comes time to plan it all) it will light weight drive you crazy. For example, I sent the wrong RSVP website for our wedding and didn’t realize it until after the invites were sent. I almost freaked out about it until I realized it’s a postcard too so our guests have another way of getting the RSVP to us. I had to talk to myself like ‘heyyyy calm down V, it will all work out.’
Also, the amount of people that want more guest slots in addition to their own, I get wanting to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend with you or your brother/sister but the amount of people asking is what I never expected. I literally had to call and apologize to one of girlfriends that got married last year, because I badgered her about letting me have a plus one …. she didn’t give me one LOL but that was inconsiderate of me to not think about all the things she had going on during her planning process.
Guys I’m not writing this to complain, I literally just want brides to be or anyone even thinking about getting married to be prepared. You think you know but you have no idea LOL this joint is EXPENSIVE and now that we’re almost at the finish line I’m sooooooo excited about it. My sister (who has been a bride before tells me things will get worse) but I know all the planning headaches will be totally worth it on July 8th when I get to marry my best friend forever 🙂
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