Journey Into Womanhood

Hey guys I am featured on Janae’s blog WindowseatforQueens sharing my views on womanhood, check out my story:

Hmmmm journey into womanhood … that’s hard because I’m still transitioning and trying to figure out this thing called life. Adulthood period is INSANE, sometimes in a good way. I imagine it will always be this way, even if I live to see 90 years on this earth. So let’s just say that I’m still learning but I have no problem sharing some lessons learned thus far. Here we go:

Always be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with positivity through your words, thoughts and the people that surround you. Life is already hard enough, who needs negativity?!

Be your biggest cheerleader. Not everyone will applaud your accomplishments. Therefore, you must learn how to encourage, motivate and uplift yourself!

Trust Your Gut. It’s okay to make mistakes but God gave us intuition for a reason. I would rather make a mistake …. to read the rest go to Windowseatforqueens! Happy Tuesday 🙂




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