iPod Shuffle Selection

Today’s selection was released in 2007. The video had a cameo from almost every rapper/entertainer from Atlanta (well not everyone but ALOT of them lol). Sampling the original ‘I choose you’ by Willie Hutch, it serves real life advice ‘Better Choose The Right One Or Pick-Pick the Kiddies Up’ LOL. We hope you enjoy today’s selection ‘International Players Anthem’ by UGK & Outkast and have a fab weekend!

What’s on you iPod?


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  • Reply August 10, 2013

    Baby Teems

    I swear you borrowed my ipod. lol I used this song for the garter toss at my wedding. Oh the memories…

    • Reply August 14, 2013


      That’s a DOPE idea we might have to borrow it lol

  • Reply August 11, 2013


    This had me vibbin! Thanks for the throwback 🙂

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