‘HBCU Grad’ by Urban Argyle is an apparel line that uses clothing for students, alumni, administrators and supporters of Historically Black Colleges and Universities to showcase the allegiance, support, and pride in HBCUs. During a time, where the relevance and credibility of HBCUs is often in question, ‘HBCU Grad’ strives to combat these negative stereotypes. ‘HBCU Grad’ allows the consumers to become ambassadors for the brand and assists in whatever way possible to ensure the longevity of our HBCUs by being examples and recruits for these institutions. Owned by Urban Argyle, LLC, the mission is to create and support innovative events and initiatives geared toward image, activism, and awareness.


History & Growth

Owner and operator, Assad Thorne, launched ‘HBCU Grad’ in 2012 as a hobby. By 2013, Assad was able to run the apparel line as a full time operation. ‘HBCU Grad’ has experienced phenomenal growth this year alone, the average weekly sales in January ranged around 10-15 shirts per week. Now, the average weekly sales range anywhere from 60-85 shirts per week. With over 5,000 shirts sold, what makes this brand unique is the ability to create content that engages the user. ‘HBCU Grad’ is attractive and relatable because our shirts are built around themes that are nostalgic and familiar to the consumer.



Although the ‘HBCU Grad’ brand is growing exponentially, Assad and his team, take the time to make and hand craft each shirt personally. HBCU graduates nationwide are proud to support and represent this apparel line!


‘HBCU Grad’ is dedicated to displaying the impact that products of Historically Black Colleges and Universities have on every aspect of today’s lifestyles. The ‘HBCU Grad’ brand is definitely buzzing with this type of momentum the sky is the limit!


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