Growing Pains

The one thing that is consistent in this lifetime is change. Writing is therapeutic for me and today guys I need therapy lol. Throughout our life’s its important that we take the time to self reflect and grow to be the best version’s of ourselves. Through the journey we will experience growing pains …. when things don’t quite pan out the way we hoped or we feel lost like we’re going down the wrong path. How can we adjust to growing pains?
Growing pains is defined as: neuralgic pains that occur in the limbs of some young children or the difficulties experienced in the early stages of an enterprise.

Although the definition refers to a child, growing pains can occur at any point in our lives when we’re being stretched and moved outside of our comfort zones. The key to remember is that throughout the pain you are experiencing you are also GROWING. I keep reminding myself that just because something didn’t turn out the way that I planned it … doesn’t mean that the new course is wrong or the world is over. And it most certainly doesn’t mean that I’m operating outside of God’s will. As a matter of fact the growing pain may be a part of his plan and work out for my best in the end. Growth by definition is the process of increasing in size. While growing you have to experience and accept the  shifts that occur.

My life is drastically changing lately and through it all meditating and spending time with God seems to keep me centered. It’s also important to remember that we are all fighting our own battles. I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on these points to become the very best me:
  • Perspective, it’s all about perspective. Focus on the positive because it honestly could be ALOT worse so change that perspective!


  • Learn the lesson in the trial. God will present you with the same problems until you learn to overcome that challenge and learn what you need to out of the lesson. Remember ‘Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know’
  • Do your part to right your wrongs and after you’ve done that move forward and leave it be. Apologize if need be and once you’ve done that the rest really isn’t up to you. Accept responsibility and how you contribute to situations. Try your best to right your wrongs but don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work out the way you pictured it … life is already hard on us don’t be your own worst critic.
  • Trust your intuition …. that tiny voice in the back of your head that’s always present even after all the distractions and noise are silenced is what I like to call the connection to God. Don’t ignore or over look what the voice is telling you. Even if you take additional time to investigate a situation because of your gut instincts there’s no harm in taking your time to feel okay with moving forward in whatever direction you decide.


  • Lastly, when people say untrue things about you or your situation, remember at the end of the day that people’s perception of you is irrelevant. What someone thinks of you is none of your business. Your sole responsibility while here on this earth is to find and fulfill your purpose, not devote your attention and energy to gossip … that’s another distraction! As much as it may hurt your feelings, you will be stronger and wiser for getting through and overcoming the situation.
I love Greg Leaks from the Housewives quote ‘Faults are like headlights you can only see the other person’s’. I’m going to do my best not to magnify the faults of other people but instead see my own, not get caught up on distractions, learn through my growing pains, and focus on becoming the very best me! I hope you do the same. Happy Monday!

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    How awesome is it when we learn the lesson in the trial? I remember my mom teaching me this when I was in my 20-somethings and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. I ask God to search my heart and reveal to me what I need to learn through my hardships. And I thank God for them at the same time because I know He is growing me up! Great post! #BLMGirl

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