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Hey Guys! Long time no see. DISCLAIMER: I started my first grad class this past fall and was overwhelmingly surprised with how much writing was required. Literally … like 10 page papers due every other week. It sucked the soul out of of my desire to write. So sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog but I vow to do better in the new year.
Besides staying constantly busy (but hey thats called what … LIFE lol) everything else is going great my way. I wanted to chat really quickly about my Fit Bit. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Fit Bit Epidemic. The Fit Bit measures the amount of steps you walk each day, your heart rate, the amount of calories you burn, the distance in miles you walk per day, and it serves as a clock.


I got my Fit Bit back in April and I’ve enjoyed it. However recently I’ve really got into it and it’s all because of the weekly challenges. You see, once you join Fit Bit you download the app and you can add friends. Your friends can challenge you during the work week or on the weekends to see who walks the most steps. Your everyday goal is to walk 10,000 steps which is equivalent to walking about 5 miles believe it or not. These challenges really excite me, I find myself parking far away in the parking lot just so I can have more steps to walk. I encourage you to do the same especially in the New Year.


I also got a ‘Waist Slimmer’ to wear while I work out. Supposedly the waist slimmer shapes your core and helps form your abs. Hey …. I got it for $6 from Burlington Coat Factory so it’s worth a try.
I’ll keep you posted!

 Oh and if you are on Fit Bit add me as a friend (my name is Vecoya on there) so we can do this healthy living thing together! Happy Monday and Happy New Year 🙂


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