DIY Bathroom Gallery Wall

Recently I wanted to make the upstairs bathroom more decorative. In the loft the upstairs has officially become my space. I do everything up there from watching TV to art and crafts. Being that I now own that space, I now own the bathroom as well and I am not mad at it.

I began by swapping the theme for the two bathrooms. In my previous post, “Bargain Deals at Family Dollar” I showed a cute paisley themed bathroom set I purchased. I kept that theme going, purchased a new rug, mixed, matched, and created a few items to make a gallery wall.

Let’s begin with the rug. I found a white shag rug for a really inexpensive price at Marshall’s. It was a great size, super cute, ultra soft and it went perfectly with the overall look and feel. HAD TO HAVE IT! After tackling the purchase of a new rug came the task of putting together items for a gallery wall.

Item #1: A cute framed photo that had already been previously purchased. The frame shows a paisley print tub with a cute sign above the tub that reada “Relax Rejuvenate Repeat”

Item #2: A white canvas with a quote written on it about life. If you know me well you also know that I love quotes. I feel they are uplifting and wonderful for altering the mindset and refocus. The quote reads:

“Find a passion and pursue it. LIFE. Fall in love. Dream big….”

Item #3: The next item I decided to include was a small black shelf. I purposely placed this item closest to the shower. I wanted to utilize it for holding various items such as body wash and exfoliates etc. I don’t know if its just me but I often feel crowded when I have too many bottles and soap in the shower with me. By having this small shelf I can easily select what I want to use at that specific time and put it back when I am done.

Items #4 and #5: The next two items I altered and tweaked. So here’s the back story. I had  6 painted canvases that I had previously purchased (you already know it was for a deal).  They were the type of canvases that are supposed to be hung together to create a larger overall picture. When I got home and put them up I didn’t like them so I decided to use the different pieces for different things. What I am about to try to explain may be somewhat confusing so I will include pictures below for you to reference.

One canvas I did not like at all, I felt like it was boring and bland. In my head I saw a padded canvas that would have the appearance of a pillow once hung. To achieve this look I covered the entire canvas with “Elmer’s Crafty Bond Tacky Glue” and placed stuffing on top of the glue. I then covered the stuffing with leather and secured the leather on the back of the canvas with a hot glue gun. Once it was completely covered I then added a gold button to the middle securing it in place with a needle and thread.

The small canvas was cute so I kept the look of it at just added the letter ‘C’ to it. I painted the C with Teal acrylic paint. Once it dried I added gold wire around it and hot glued it to the canvas.

After these two minor projects were complete I hung everything up and voila I had my bathroom gallery wall! I love how it all came together and had to share. Until next time..



Presently, I see myself as a creative soul searching for my niche. I have learned to embrace my individuality. I wake up everyday and put forth the effort to appreciate the value in all things big and small, and seek an opportunity to be inspired. In a nutshell I am an optimist on my own personal journey of spiritual growth and self discovery. In the end all of the pieces will fall into place!

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