Deals and Steals!

Hey loves! I come again to share an awesome deal I recently came across. I am trying to buy more clothes for work and cut back on buying items just to have them. Recently I brought one dress, an oversized button up shirt, and two skirts for…


$20.96 before taxes! I found all 4 items from one of my favorite spots, Rugged Wearhouse. The two skirts were $3.99 a piece, top was $2.99, and the dress was only $9.99. I wanted to share because they often get items from places like Dress Barn. All four items were super cute and a great deal.


Have you found any good deals lately???

Presently, I see myself as a creative soul searching for my niche. I have learned to embrace my individuality. I wake up everyday and put forth the effort to appreciate the value in all things big and small, and seek an opportunity to be inspired. In a nutshell I am an optimist on my own personal journey of spiritual growth and self discovery. In the end all of the pieces will fall into place!

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