Cool Spots: Truckeroo

Heyyy guys it’s VeCoya here back with another Cool Spot!


Truckeroo is held at the Fairgrounds, it’s where all of DC’s favorite food trucks convene. There is no admission free and its held once a month in the summer. There are refreshments, great food, as well as live music. Its a really great time!


Reasons to go to Truckeroo:
IT’S FREE (What’s better than that?)
Your favorite food trucks are probably there
Live Music
Good Times
I made it to two food trucks last Truckeroo, I went to the ‘Red Hook Lobster Pound’ and got a lobster roll. I ended up just eating the meat but then again I’m a carnivore lol it was pretty decent.
I also went to the ‘Mojo’ food truck. I got the egg, lettuce, and cheese sandwich, sort of reminds me of a breakfast sandwich but it was pretty good too.
I saw the band ‘Dale and the Z Dubs‘ perform at Truckeroo in July. I met one of the band members, (Dale) who is hella cool and down to earth and ended up purchasing their CD. I actually like most of the tracks on the album.  Every time that I catch one of their performances it’s definitely a treat 🙂
If you’re thinking of attending the next Truckeroo, be sure to bring at least $20 so that you’ll have the chance to sample a few of the food trucks!

There are two more Truckeroo’s this summer on August 16th and September 6th.

Have you attended Truckeroo? & If not would you think about attending next one?



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  • Reply August 8, 2013

    Baby Teems

    Yummy! I always miss truckeroo. It’s probably not conducive for trying to eat cleaner though. lol

    • Reply August 8, 2013


      Not at all lol but none the less a good time

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