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Broccoli City hosted the 2nd Annual Earth Day festival on Saturday April 19thBroccoli City (BC) endorses and represents living a sustainable and organic lifestyle. More specifically their website reads BC ‘is a media platform that uses creativity to showcase a relatable look into the environment, sustainability, health, and social issues through culture, art, fashion and music — in an effort to improve, encourage and empower the urban community.’


This year’s festival had a great turn out, people from all walks of life attended. I attended last years festival and many of the same activities were available like playing fun games and participating in yoga classes. This years festival featured even more activities like a 5K run with the District Running Collective plus Broccoli City even had there own fresh pressed Live 100 juice!

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Earth day is all about embracing the green initiatives set place to preserve our environment and the BC fest adds an urban flavor to it.  The growth from last year’s festival was evident and its pretty safe to say that each year’s festival will be bigger and better than the one before.

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Although there were some aspects that were better about this year’s festival, there were some things that I missed about the 2K13 festival.  Of course I’m going to compare LOL so let’s hop right into it:

Weather: This years weather was much better for an outdoor festival. The high temperature was 70 and virtually perfect for a day outdoors.

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Vendors: I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s vendors and food trucks. There were more selections to choose from and I digged the set up. The festival was set up in a circle, when you entered you could walk toward the vendors and hit the open park were the performances took place then lop back around. Here are a few pictures of some vendors that I spotted.


I copped a cute pair of earrings from Kamillion (Absolutely loved her selections! Hey Girl!). There was also a vendor that specialized in making grills. How cool is that? You could literally get your grill mode and made out there!

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Location: In my opinion, last years location and venue was better. Although I liked this years set up, the 2K13 venue was closer and more intimate, therefore it was a lot easier to locate people. This year unless you had an exact point of location on a person, it was easy to lose someone that you came with and never find them again (especially if your phone died like myself lol).

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Performances: I enjoyed all of the performances that I had the pleasure of hearing. The hosts did a good job of keeping the crowd entertained.

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Ressa Renee owned the stage and the crowd was definitely feeling her energy. DC’s own Kelela demanded the crowds attention and after hearing her live, I will be most definitely be copping her EP. She’s amazingly talented!! Just Blaze played a medley of his hits from DMX Ruff Ryders Anthem to old school Rocafella records to Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’. He had an interactive performance that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. Cam’ron was the last performer and kept the crowd going with hits like ‘O Boy’.

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All of the performers did an excellent job and the crowd’s energy got a B+ in my book.

All in all, I had a great time and of course will be attending any future Broccoli City event because I always enjoy myself and have a blast. A sincere thank you to Broccoli City for continuing to organize and host meaningful events for the community. This was just part one, BC isn’t done yet. If you’re in the LA area on May 3rd. You should witness part II of this epic event and celebrate Earth Day!

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I met fellow blogger Melanie from Rock Yo Rizos, she’s a total sweetheart and super down to earth. I also ran into makeup guru, Rashida, @Iammessy HEY DOLL!

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Did you attend the BC Fest? How did you celebrate Earth Day this year?

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    I saw you there but … the way ‘work’ is set up… I couldn’t get a hug. Good stuff and keep up the good work!

    • Charla
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      Awww man it would’ve been great to see you! Thanks love. Saw some of your pics from the event on social media lookin good as always keep it up!!

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      VeCoya Gee

      Awww man it would have been good to see you. Saw some pictures that you took at the event, you did a great job. Hope all is well love!!

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