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In late August, I had the opportunity to do a campaign with the Halls of London clothing line. The gallery is finally up so of course I had to do a post all about it lol.

Adon (AGGIE PRIDE) founded Halls of London, and with the assistance of our good friend Theresa, the vision for the brand was born!

Pep the vision taken from their website below:

‘Hall met London
Halls of London was established

“What is Halls of London?”
Every man…
Every woman…
It’s you… It’s me…
It’s we… It’s he… It’s she…

Halls of London
It’s Cosmopolitan
It’s Universal
It has a certain je ne se quois…

Halls of London
It’s more than a clothing line…
It’s a LIFESTYLE… (as in a way of life).

Halls of London
Established 1970
Where legacy inspires a tradition that has no respect of era…


Theresa’s sister Tami (pictured above) is a L.A. based make up artist (like her page TamiVision here). Tami not only does a wonderful job doing makeup but she’s a photographer too! Those Gordon Girls got SKILLS lol 🙂

Here are some of our favorite pics & don’t forget to check out and cop some Halls of London gear here:

Thanks Halls of London!

What do you think of the pictures?





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