Can I Just Spend My Life With You

Last weekend was amazing.  The weekend before that my boyfriend told me to reserve Friday night for our date night. I tried to move it to Saturday night because I had a photoshoot planned for Saturday morning, but he insisted he would have me in at a reasonable hour so I complied. He said we were going to a play by one of our favorite date spots the Washington Monument.  We had a great date at the monument last summer, he took me out for hibachi (my fav) and then we walked around the monuments and talked for hours. It was one of those nights that seemed perfect and you want to relive.

So anyways, Friday comes and he says dress nicely but not too dressy. I’m like so I should wear heels? He says no …. just look nice. I’m like what does that mean?! I don’t know what to wear. When I finally see him on Friday night, we looked like we were going to two different places. He had on a nice blazer and slacks and I had on pink jeans and boots. I’m like … no sir I’ve got to change. WHEW guys … I’m so happy that I did based on how the rest of the night went.


I should’ve known something was up because it was 8:30 PM and he didn’t eat anything for dinner. Anyone that knows Eugene knows how much he loves to eat. I turned on the hip hop station on the car ride over and he said ‘It’s too noisy. Can you please change to something slower?!’. I’m thinking ‘Ok, he’s being STRANGE tonight but whatevs I’ll go with it.’ When we finally got to the monument I’m looking around and don’t see anywhere where a play would take place. I start asking a bunch of questions like ‘Eugene what time is the play? Are we late? Is it inside the monument? Where exactly is this play that you speak of?’

We walk towards the monument and start touching the wall which was also very WEIRD. (I think he started that but he swears it was me lol honestly at this point I can’t remember) At that moment, I had the strangest feeling overcome me as if something was about to happen. As soon as I look up, I see his good friend come around the corner with a camera and a lot of my family and friends appear out of no where. He asked to spend the rest of our lives together and if I would be his wife, I replied ‘Of course, I will’ as cheesy as it sounds and everyone there burst into laughter and cheers.

I was so surprised and joyful at the same time. Here is this guy that I’ve known since college that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with! God is so awesome because he reintroduced us into each others life’s at the perfect time when we could really value and appreciate each other the right way. I mean we pray together, motivate each other, turn up together, everything. He’s really my best friend. Before dating Eugene I did not think this was possible. So anyone out there that feels like genuine love is impossible, keep hope alive! It’s possible. It sounds so cliche, but the right guy or girl will show you through their actions that they are serious about you. It won’t be just words.
I’m also overjoyed that Eugene took the time to gather our family and friends to make this announcement at one of our fav date spots!   I’m so happy and excited to begin this journey with my fiance. And here comes the wedding planning process … which I’ll be blogging all about right here. Stay tuned for all of that excitement! LOL
How did your significant other pop the question? Or how would you want them too?

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  • Reply October 18, 2016

    Maisha // THAT IT GIRL

    Congrats to you and your upcoming nuptials!

  • Reply October 18, 2016

    T. Rudell

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you too and you look gorgeous!

    -Taniqua #BLMGirl

  • Reply October 18, 2016

    Kiesha Joseph

    Awww. How cool! Marriage seems to be dying in the US these days. So glad to see I just may be wrong. Enjoy life together. And, remember to put your marriage first, and that wedding second. #LiveLoveLaugh

    • Reply October 19, 2016


      You are so right! We’re making sure we keep that in mind. Our marriage is what’s most important 🙂

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