Bikram Yoga Is No Joke!

I found a GroupOn Deal offering 5 bikram yoga classes for $23. I went to the 6 o’clock 90 minute class and right now (as in today at this very moment … not actually in the class) I feel AMAZING! I wanted to share my experience because although I’m a semi-beginner in the yoga department I was able to make it through the entire 90 minutes without passing out! YAY! Plus, I feel amazing today, it’s like a literal detox … I mean you sweat so much in there that you walk out feeling lighter lol OH and did I mention how well I slept last night?!!

Let’s rewind back to my yoga experience though … so I’ve tried a few yoga classes and have always enjoyed myself but a regular yoga class and a BIKRAM yoga class (104 degrees Fahrenheit, 26 poses, at 40% humidity) are slightly different … so naturally I was apprehensive. Actually, making it through the 90 minute class in the steamed room and 26 poses was no easy feat! I had to have a little talk with my Jesus ya’ll and about 70 minutes in (I’m guesstimating here because there was no clock around) I did find myself lying flat on my back in the Śavāsana pose because my body told me too lol and I happily laid there for the remainder of the class. I didn’t feel bad either because there were only 4 poses left and I did at least attempt the other 22 poses. Heyyyy not too shabby for my first class in my book!
TIPS for your first time in hot yoga:

  • Listen ya’ll … my hair is DONE! I had to slick that joint in a mean ponytail this morning. So don’t walk up in bikram yoga expecting to keep silky flat iron hair. UT UH .. AIN’T HAPPENING matter of fact you might want to go right before a wash day lol
  • HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE, drink as much water as possible
  • Be on Time (so you can warm up properly and not miss anything)
  • Listen to your body. If you need to rest during class feel no shame about that. Shoot, I’d rather rest than pass out!
So be encouraged if you are a beginner in the yoga world you can indeed complete Bikram Yoga! Needless to say, I will be returning to claim my other 4 yoga classes lol! Have you tried hot yoga? What’d you think?

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