Beautiful Santorini

I spent a week in paradise on a beautiful island in Greece called Santorini. My friends and I had the time of our lives and the full European experience.

We went the tourist route and spent a day on a boat exploring the island. We rented ATV’s for two days and managed to navigate the terrain and get from point A to point B. We visited the Red and Black Beach which have red and black sand by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. We even took a three hour bike tour and managed to visit all of the great historical monuments in Athens. It was a literally a life changing cultural experience.


For Jessica’s birthday dinner we went to an AMAZING spot called Sphinx. Our table had a perfect ocean view. We all got different dishes so I got a chance to taste everyone’s food and everything was delicious. Ya’ll know I love lobster so I had to get the lobster pasta. The picture doesn’t do it justice though, that was the BEST lobster I’ve tasted in my life!
We also visited Fuera for a shopping experience, Fuera’s jewelry can get a girl in trouble lol I picked up a few things without being too bad. We saw a famous Oya Sunset too, although our sunset was a little fluke because a cloud blocked it LOL but nonetheless still a great experience.
Pointers for the International Travelers:
  • When booking through a travel agency be sure to review your itinerary. There will seldom be direct flights but pay attention to lay overs …. don’t get locked out of the airport in Italy and spend hours outside sleeping on your luggage like we did LOL (okay no LOL that was a pretty crappy experience -_-)
  • IMG_4225
  • Research activities before going abroad. Unless you cop that international plan, data is scarce so having an idea of what you want to do before you get there is a bonus. Luckily the lovely ladies that I went with did an excellent job of researching activities ….. had it been left up to me we would’ve been SHORT!
  • Realize that different cultures have different ways of doing things. For example, us Americans value personal space. It was interesting to see how bent of shape we were getting from people being all up in our space. I’m guilty of it & to be honest this may have been my biggest pet peeve about the visit lol I was so glad to get back in the states and have my space.
  • Mix mingle and meet new people …. one word networking! You can NEVER do to much of it!
  • But most importantly have the time of your life. Traveling is so liberating and I plan on doing more of it. Check out more pictures below. Santorini is stunning!

Have you been on any magical vacations lately? Sound off below.



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    Honestly the best views ever!

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