An Old Piece With Great Potential – Leather Jacket

So as you can see I found another piece that needed doctoring. I have loved this jacket since the day that I purchased it 4 years ago. As you can see in the images above and directly below the jacket began to peel around the neck area. The jacket was also missing a few buttons so I decided to fix it. I really didn’t have the heart to part with it just yet!

I decided to cover the entire collar with a chocolate brown leather. I also covered the top of one of the pockets. This was a very easy fix that I personally feel brings a new look to the jacket.

As you can see from the images below, I was SO excited that I didn’t have to toss my jacket! Not only did I bring it back to life but I got to reinvent it as well by giving it a new look!

Do you have an old piece with great potential?

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  • Reply February 18, 2013


    Awesome job on the leather jacket!!! Thanks for the follow!!

    • Reply February 23, 2013


      Thank you! I am glad you like the outcome! And no prob!

  • Reply February 23, 2013


    OMG!!! I threw away this realllllyyyyy cool leather jacket because of the messed up collar!! Now im pretty sad…oh welz thanx gurls

    • Reply February 23, 2013


      Well next time try to play with it and/or think or something creative and maybe you can switch it up and keep it around for a little longer!

  • Reply February 25, 2013


    Was that done by hand or a sewing machine? It looks awesome!

    • Reply February 26, 2013


      It was done by hand I am actually in the process of looking into getting a sewing machine?!

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